Mungkan Makau Grup Yin Makawp Maga Ninghtoi - World Environment Day

Hpun hkai taw nga ai num kasha lahkawng / Sumla: Thomas (RVA)

"Karai Hpan Da Ai Lamu Ga" Mungkan hpe shagrau ai yungwi mahkawn 

Shalat - Lahtaw Awng Li
Hkawn- Nding Awng Din & Lawng Bawk Ja
Studio & KB - CZ Seng San
Guitar - Chang Nu
Mixing - CZ Seng San
Edit - Mung Hpan Nhkum

June shata praw 5 ya shani gaw "Mungkan Makau Grup Yin hpe Makawp Maga ai Nhtoi" rai nga ai.

Mungkan Mungdan 143 ram hta ndai n'htoi hpe grai dam lada ai hku ahkyak shata galaw nga ai re.

Karai Hpan da ai Mungkan ga hte dusat dumyeng ni gaw anhte shinggyim masha ni a majaw hten za ma mat wa nga ai, dai hpe anhte ni nan bai makawp maga la ra nga ga ai.

Tsawmhtap la ai anhte a Wunpawng Mungdan Lamu ga ni mung htenza wa magang sai re majaw makawp maga ai lam hta anhte marai hkum shagu ta tut shanglawm sa wa na matu yawng hpe ndai mahkawn hte shadum jahprang dat lu ga ai.


World Environment Day is celebrated every June 5. The main focus of World Environment Day 2020 is on Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the different forms and species of animals and flowers living in one area. Without biodiversity, humans cannot survive and live on Earth.

World Environment Day 2020 is widely celebrated in more than 143 countries. It is popularly being called “People’s Day” to show their care and support for the Earth and their environment. It is important to knowing the ways to protect the environment. Pope Francis last May during the Laudato Si invited us all to care for the Earth our Common Home by making the promise to:

1. Pray for and with Creation
2. Live more simply
3. Advocate for the protection of the Earth our common home.

Myanmar is a beautiful country. Kachin land is a beautiful land. Let us keep it beautiful and healthy for us and the next generation.

Fr.Kurt Zion Pala

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